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A one-of-a-kind costume gold and pearl necklace

A one-of-a-kind costume gold and pearl necklace
Custom Jewelry made by Montana Artist Karen Hughes

Jeri Mae Rowley  $50 
One-Hour Phone Consultation with Book Marketing Expert - Rob Eager 

2 Packages available

Got questions about how to market your book or land a publishing contract? Win a one-hour personal phone consultation with Rob Eagar, one of the most accomplished book marketers in America. After coaching, Rob's clients have produced 11 New York Times bestsellers! He’s worked with over 400 authors, consulted with top publishing houses, and helped clients hit the New York Times bestseller list three different ways, including new fiction, new non-fiction, and backlist non-fiction. Plus, Rob wrote the bible of book marketing published by Writer’s Digest entitled, Sell Your Book Like Wildfire.

If you have questions, Rob has answers. You’ll be surprised by how many ideas and insights he can provide in just one hour. Numerous authors have received his help on critical issues, such as:

  • Create a powerful book title
  • Write a book proposal
  • Negotiate with a publisher
  • Improve an author website
  • Build marketing tools into a book manuscript
  • Craft an important keynote speech
  • Prepare for a major radio or TV interview

Stop stewing over pressing or confusing questions about marketing. Get answers in one-hour from a personal consultation with Rob Eagar.


Rob Eagar $350
Reading is FUNdamental
Kids Gift Basket

Reading is FUNdamental includes a selection of kid-friendly books that engage, entertain and build self-esteem, including: Grandmas Are for Giving Tickles; Grandpa and Me; Star Wars Blast Off; Star Wars The Clone Wars R2 to the Rescue; Star Wars The Clone Wars Children of the Force; Knights; How do Dinosaurs Play All Day: Time to say PLEASE; Dr. Wayne Dyer's Unstoppable Me; The Lovables in the Kingdom of Self-Esteem; and Dunk Skunk. Fidget Spinner Included.

Sharon Weinstein, CSP  $300 
1 Year Membership to Bikram Hot Yoga
1 year membership, 3 locations! Enjoy hot yoga, hot pilates, hot barre and so many other classes in Hyattsville, NE DC, and Takoma Park! Unlimited classes! Mat and towel included. 2 guest passes included each month, so bring friends!

Dr. Omekongo Dibinga $1,500
Video Strategy Blueprint

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE will help you get clear on how you can enhance the use of video in your business for promotion and profit. Some of the many strategies you can work with Bill are: maximizing your YouTube channel, use of video to increase higher-paid bookings, creating video-based learning tools, and licensing your intellectual property using video products.

Bill will provide you with up to 3 hours of a mix of in-person, online, and telephone consulting.

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE $1,200
2 Tickets to Game 9
Arizona Cardinals
Washington Redskins  
Hail to the REDSKINS!

Join in the fun on the FedEx Field...

Game 9 Arizona Cardinals vs Washington Redskins 

December 17, 2017 - 1 pm

Lower level - Section 118 - Row 12 - Seats 21 and 22 (aisle seats)

Preferred parking for Season Ticket holder included
Ann Marie T. Brooks   $400.00
Eddy Speaker Institute

The Eddy Speaker Institute helps speakers to increase their impact on the audience. Two private coaching sessions to elevate your presentation and help you create a greater impact on the audience. Sessions will include body language analysis, use of stories, and the neuroscience behind specific keywords that you use. Sessions will need to be near Bethesda or near Manassas Virginia. Includes one free e-copy of the book (scheduled to be published by the end of 2017), "MOVE- How to Inspire Behavior Change in Your Audience". Offer expires May 30, 2018 unless otherwise agreed to.

John F. Edwards $700
One-of-a-kind Brown and Ivory necklace and earrings

One-of-a-kind Brown and Ivory necklace and earrings
Custom jewelry made by Montana Artist Karen Hughes

 Jeri Mae Rowley  $125
Haircut at 
Oxygen Salon & Day Spa 
 Haircut with Master Stylist Nasreen Rahimi, owner of Oxygen Salon & Day Spa

Nasreen Rahimi $100 
 Handcrafted turquoise necklace with stones by The Camel Maker   Ann Marie Brooks
Book Coaching from John Peragine

2 months of intensive book coaching to help you develop your book concept and get it closer to being published.

Written critiques and assistance with writing
Weekly phone calls to discuss progress and provide feedback on writing
Assistance with self-publishing or traditional publishing options

John Peragine $2,500
 Bag of Swag

Who Doesn't Want a Bag of Swag? You visit exhibit halls and you see things that you would to have. This is your chance to acquire your very own Bag of Swag, including Speakers, Headsets, USB ports, Magnetic Car Mounts (2), Ear Pods, Power Bank, Mobile Phone Stand, First Aid Kit, Adapters for every purpose, MicroPads, Fidget Spinner, Timer, Rubik's Cube, and so much more complete with its own Amazon Swag Bag!

 Sharon Weinstein, CSP  $200
Gift Certificate for Speakers School A gift certificate for Speakers School with Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE. Speakers School is for anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills, whether for business, sales, teaching, or a professional speaking career. 3-Day school in offered 4 times per year. See website for details: mikkiwilliams.com. Mikki Williams $3,995
Lunch for two with Monsignor John Enzler Network and lunch with a "mover and shaker" within the DC community!

Lunch for two with Monsignor John Enzler (Father John), President of Catholic Charities of DC and a Washington DC native who brings joy to the lives of other everyday.

Enjoy lunch at the Capital Grill and learn more about how this leader engages others in the work of serving others who are less fortunate.
 Ann Marie T. Brooks $200 
Glamour to the Geek: Communication Tips from URL to IRL

Book: Glamour and the Geek: Communication Tips from URL (online) to IRL (In Real Life) by Mikki Williams and Dave Nelsen

In today’s world, everyone must master communication in both IRL and URL forums. In this book Mikki and Dave share their most important tips for communicating on all levels.

Mikki Williams $20
One-of-a-kind Grey Stone and Red Beads necklace and earrings One-of-a-kind Grey Stone and Red Beads necklace and earrings
Custom jewelry made by Montana Artist Karen Hughes
 Jeri Mae Rowley $125 
 Navy and animal print leather Juicy Couture bag from Nordstrom    Ann Marie Brooks
Ready to Earn Your CSP? 

Don’t spend $1000 on a Professional Speaker Manager! A few hours with Karen will assure that your application will sail through!

  • Two hours of coaching support to create your CSP package together
  • Analysis of your data by Karen and her fabulous administrative assistant, Mary
  • Karen’s strategy for getting all your raters to “find time” to rate you
  • Assistance with Mary regarding the online application
  • Using those glorious ratings into fabulous content for your website
  • Karen’s support with National to make sure your application sails through
Karen Snyder, CSP  $750 
Chick and Ruth's $75 Gift Card

Get the best crab cakes in town at the historic Chick and Ruth's in downtown Annapolis, MD. Dinner for two at Chick and Ruth's. While you're here, enjoy a stroll down the historic Main Street and City Dock.

Shelley Row, P.E. $75
2 Hours of Coaching/Consulting with Mary Kelly, Ph.D, CSP, Commander, US Navy 2 hours of coaching/consulting with Mary on business strategy, how to write your book, how to get more bookings, or how to run a more profitable business. Winning bid will get copies of the 15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy book, the Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success book, and the Money Smart book. We will focus our efforts on your topic and we will get results.
Mary Kelly, Ph.D, CSP, Commander, US Navy  $1,000
Book More Business Using Facebook Live!   NSA-DC's own resident Social Media Manager, Kiki Ramsey, will teach you the ends and out of how to use Facebook Live to book more business! You will learn how to title each session for maximum views, the best times to go Live, getting comfortable going live and the secret sauce that will attract the ideal client. Get ready to shine!

Kiki Ramsey  $750 
One-of-a-kind Turquoise and Brown Stone necklace and earrings One-of-a-kind Turquoise and Brown Stone necklace  and earrings
Custom jewelry made by Montana Artist Karen Hughes
Jeri Mae Rowley $125 
One-hour Mindful Sales Coaching Session, including 2 comprehensive books If you'd like to learn how to ignite your sales power using mindfulness skills, this one-hour Mindful Sales Coaching session will teach you how. Includes a copy of Joy's books, Ignite Your Sales Power: Mindfulness Skills for Sales Professionals and Mediation Illuminated: Simple ways to Manage Your Busy Mind.
Joy Rains $350
Nice Guys on Business Podcast Nice Guys on Business podcast has been downloaded 1,000,000 times in 169 countries worldwide. The winning bidder will get one guest spot including professional guest training to help you direct your message to the show's audience. 

Doug Sandler $2,500
Trio of Cakes Just in time for the holidays. Your family and friends will love these award winning cakes, rum cake, carrot cake, and coconut cake. Order cakes at least two weeks in advance. Must be redeemed within one year from date of purchase.
Jackie DesChamps $100
Do It! Marketing Book Marketing    Workshop

This online book marketing workshop will give you a clear path and plan to make your book a best seller. You will learn how to monetize all the time, effort, experience and expertise that you’ve invested in your book.


David Newman, CSP  $1,977 
Found Roses and Beads necklace with earrings Found Roses and Beads necklace with earrings
Custom jewelry made by Montana Artist Karen Hughes
Jeri Mae Rowley $50 
Ask Christine Cashen Anything! 

Christine has been speaking for over 20 years and has secrets to warming up the audience, crafting the perfect introduction, adding humor to your stories and getting booked without ever making a cold call.

You will get 30 minutes of time with her- by Zoom, Phone or In-person. In fact, she is coming to Washington DC on April 14th to speak. In addition to your time, you can attend her program to see her tips in action. You must be open, fun and willing to work.

Christine Cashen $1,500 
Focus 40 Session with Jane Atkinson of Speaker Launcher

Focus 40 Session with Jane Atkinson of Speaker Launcher - Author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, The Epic Keynote and The Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal, will spend 40 minutes with you via phone or Skype to run through your highest priorities for growing your speaking business. Jane's no BS approach will allow you to cut through the industry noise to get to what's most important. (Hourly rate $800 - Focus 40 Retails for $247)

Jane Atkinson  $247 
 Framed Bird Photo Taken by Bob Abraham The late Bob Abraham, avid bird photographer and father of Karen Snyder, CSP took these photographs in North America. Karen Snyder, CSP  $125
Framed Bird Photo Taken by Bob Abraham The late Bob Abraham, avid bird photographer and father of Karen Snyder, CSP took these photographs in North America. Karen Snyder, CSP $125
Framed Bird Photo Taken by Bob Abraham The late Bob Abraham, avid bird photographer and father of Karen Snyder, CSP took these photographs in North America. Karen Snyder, CSP $125
Framed Bird Photo Taken by Bob Abraham The late Bob Abraham, avid bird photographer and father of Karen Snyder, CSP took these photographs in North America. Karen Snyder, CSP $125
A Seat at Alan Weiss' Evergreen Workshop A seat in the Evergreen Workshop on Feb. 6-7, 2018 in Miami!

Venue: Marriott, South Beach, Miami (across from the Bacon Bar!)
Duration: 1.5 days
Breakfast and lunch are included first day, breakfast second day !

Visit https://www.alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/never-ending-value-evergreen-relationships-lifelong-business/ for more details.
Alan Weiss  $2,700 
 1 Hour Coaching with Liz Weber, CMC, CSP 1 Hour Zoom coaching call to help you clarify your 2018 Speaking Business strategies (or whatever else you want to discuss!)

Liz Weber, CMC, CSP  $400 
Work-Life Balance Package

Put the B into Balance in 2017 and beyond, including

  • Signed copy of B is for Balance and Workbook
  • 2 hour coaching session on two of the following 4 topics: Focus, Simplify, Work-Life Balance, Reinventing Yourself

*Redeem prior to June 1, 2018


 Sharon Weinstein, CSP $695 
Presentation Improvement Consultation  Lou Heckler will view up to 30 minutes of the winner's video and spend up to one hour on the phone or Skype helping to improve your presentation.

Lou Heckler,CPAE, CSP  $1,000
 Bob Burg's Influence & Success Insights Package From international bestselling author, this package includes:
Winning Without Intimidation, 6 CD audio set 
Adversaries into Allies book 
The Go-Giver book 
Bob Burg  $217 
One-of-a-kind malachite necklace  and earrings One-of-a-kind malachite necklace  and earrings
Custom jewelry made by Montana Artist Karen Hughes
Jeri Mae Rowley   $125
2 Hours of Legal Consulting  2 Hours of Legal Consulting - copyright, trademark, licensing, contract, business formation and governance with Russ Riddle of the Riddle Firm.
 Russ Riddle $500 
One Hour Healing Session For Women

This is a one-on-one phone session for women seeking cutting edge sexuality information as well as intimate guidance. It includes a diagnostic tool to help both of us pinpoint solutions. Issues I can help you with include sexual trauma, low libido, effects from cancer drugs or surgery, relationship difficulties, hormonal changes (including menopause), and other areas of improvement. Having an intimate challenge can be isolating, confusing, and really difficult to talk about. Talking to friends can seem like we’re betraying our partners, so we don’t do it. Talking to a therapist can help, but there are topics you can’t explore fully without violating boundaries for both you and your therapist. Seeing a sex therapist is certainly an option; however, many of us don’t choose that route because we don’t want to initiate such a formal process. Sexual Healing Coaching is a safe space to receive guidance from a sexuality educator sensitive and knowledgeable about your healing needs.

Expiration: 12/3/2018

Laura Zam  $300 
Findability Package

The winner of this auction will receive:

  • 3 Books on Findability written by Findability and Marketing Guru - Heather Lutze
  • Access to the Findability vault with videos and training materials to help your company get found
  • A 1-hour consultation with Heather to jump start your online Findability


Heather  Lutze  $1,000
 NSA-DC Swag Basket You can never have many NSA-DC branded items.

This basket includes:
  • NSA-DC Wenger portfolio with pen
  • NSA Influence T-shirt
  • NSA tote bag
  • NSA-DC drawstring sports back pack 
NSA-DC  $80 
2 Hour Coaching Session with Jan Fox  2 Hour Coaching Session to prepare a TEDx Talk or another major speech. 4X Emmy Winner, Jan Fox, has coached 60+ TEDx speakers and hundreds of other clients.

Yes, you will see results in just one session - guaranteed!

Plus a copy of her book, Get Yourself on TV and her 53 Top Talk Tips.
 Jan Fox $1,000 
 Stepping Up and Out into Your Greatness

Leave Your Job and Become an Entrepreneur Program

2 Hour Business Coaching Session and Lunch

Are you employed and trying to move in to the world of professional speaking?

Are you booking speaking engagements, but want to leave your “day job” behind?

If so, this program will deliver the necessary information for your transformation!

This 2 hour coaching session and lunch meeting will empower you to reach your speaking potential by revealing the nine things that you can start doing right now to transition from employee to professional speaker. You will hear actionable advice, participate in useful exercises, and will leave this session with a comprehensive strategy for advancing your goals.

This offer will take place in Karen’s home office in Gaithersburg, MD or via ZOOM or phone, your choice.


 Karen Snyder, CSP $500 
 3 Hour Virtual Assistance Retainer

Beth Beutler, Founder/CEO of HOPE Unlimited, is offering a three hour virtual assistance retainer. Beth and her team offer collaborative virtual assistance to help overwhelmed professionals excel. Her client family includes members of NSA DC. Your retainer will be active for six calendar months and must be initiated before 12/31/17.

Beth has over 30 years of administrative and office management expertise as well as experience as an author and speaker. Use your hours for a consultation, hands-on implementation, or a combination of the two! That’s why it’s “collaborative.” Let us help you with your administrative pain points!


Beth Beutler  $100 
60-Minutes Narrative Clarity Consultation + Membership to the Home Studio Course  Chris works with hundreds of speakers each year on their messaging, unique positioning statements, and marketing plans. During this call, you will gain a new clarity on your brand message and build a marketing plan to bring your monthly revenue to a new level. ($1,000 value)

The Home Studio Course Membership includes the Home Studio Setup course, and two bonus courses: Online Course Building Module and Massive YouTube Traffic Module ($2,500)
Chris West  $3,500 
 Black and pilner chocker necklace   Ann Marie Brooks
"Your Brand Speaks Volumes...What Story Does Yours Tell?(c)"

Brands often times are very inconsistent; the collateral, website and marketing materials fail to tell a consistent story. This inconsistency leads to confusion and ultimately lack of trust with clients and prospects that may look to hire you. As a speaker and consultant for sales and marketing, Cliff has worked with hundreds of clients in five countries, reviewing their brand, modifying their story (if needed) and helped create some jaw-dropping, high ROI and ROO marketing campaigns that have generated 80% plus response rates in some cases. In fact, Cliff has won over 30 international creative marketing awards with out-of-the-box 3-dimensional campaigns.

With this package you get Cliff for:

~ three (3) hours of consultation to include

~ review of your branding: collateral material, logo, your story, website and all marketing materials

~ assistance with the development of a strategic 3-D marketing campaign, to include strategy for implementation, delivery, follow-up and tracking

** Consultation is done in 30 minute time blocks and completed within 45 days of start date

** Consultation must begin within 6 months from the day of purchase.

Cliff Quicksell, MAS+  $1,000 
Greek Dinner for Six   Delicious Greek Dinner for six prepared at your home.  Jeri Mae Rowley $120 
T.I.P.S. for Speaking Success Package Learn how to expand your speaking business and operate a profitable back office operation. Includes 5 CDs, 1 DVD, and Office Operations Guide.

Dr. Willie and Dee Jolley  $497 
Professional Development
Gift Basket
Professional Development...the timing is right and ripe and the lucky number is 13 - 13 items your for the asking! Gift basket includes: 1) Flipping the Switch by John G. Miller; 2) The Science of Getting Rich by Bob Proctor; 3) The Success Formula Disc by Bob Burg; 3) How to Cultivate Endless Referrals 6CDs by Bob Burg; 4) On Your Way to Remembering Names & Faced CDs by Bob Burg; 5) The Best of Michael Oliver's 6-Day Fast Track Teleclasses CD Series; 6) Winning without Intimidation CDs by Bob Burg; 7) Go Pro -2 by Eric Worre; 8) Beach Money by Jordan Adler; 9) Excuses Begone by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; 10) Give and Tack by Adam Grant; 11) Lead the Field by Earl Nightingale CD Series; 12) Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell; 13) As Luck Would Have it by Joshua Piven

Sharon Weinstein, CSP  $1,000 
 Long Term Client Program

Turn EVERY Client into a Long Term Client
Deliver more services to you clients and create a partnership
Consider services you can deliver (well) to increase their bottom line
See each client engagement as long term relationship, not a gig
Become your clients’ most trusted advisor

Coaching for 2 hours and lunch with Karen Snyder in her home office in Gaithersburg, MD or via ZOOM or phone, your choice!

Learn how to:
* Create long-term clients from existing clients * Offer more services * Bundle pricing
* Create yearly contracts * Become a part of their team and stay self-employed


Karen Snyder, CSP  $750 
One-of-a-kind found Silver and Lapis Stone necklace and earrings One-of-a-kind found Silver and Lapis Stone necklace and earrings
Custom jewelry made by Montana Artist Karen Hughes
Jeri Mae Rowley  $125 
Patricia Fripp Past and Present Patricia Fripp Past and Present: CDs and DVDs on how to prepare and present more effectively. Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE $300 
The Discipline Of Now, 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination

A copy of The Discipline Of Now, 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination by Eric M. Twiggs

Eric M. Twiggs  $20 
Two Tickets to see Baltimore Ravens vs, Indianapolis Colts Great football experience at the M&T Bank Stadium!

Baltimore Ravens vs, Indianapolis Colts

December 23, 2017 - 4:30 pm

Section 140 Row 35 Seats 11 and 12

Parking included!

Ann Marie T. Brooks   $250.00
Virtual Coaching with Dr, Sean Stephenson 

One 45 minute virtual coaching session with Dr. Sean Stephenson - Speaker, Therapist and Author.

Expires 12/31/18

Dr. Sean Stephenson  $2,000 
90 Minutes with the wit and wisdom of June Cline... Is it important for you to be funny? June Cline's Southern answer, "Are a pigs assets pork?" Spend 90 minutes with June discovering what's funny and what's not in your current presentation. Learn how to know the comedic style of your audience. Coaching to be completed within 3 mos of the auction event.  June Cline, CSP $250 
June Cline, CSP Branded Cap  June Cline branded cap "Make it a Great Ride."

 June Cline, CSP $20 
June Cline, CSP Branded Cap June Cline branded cap "B.R.A.S.S. Bra Woman." June Cline, CSP $20 
 2 Hours of Career Coaching with Bob Fleshner Unlock your potential with 2 Hours of career coaching with Bob Fleshner of Epicoach!


Bob Fleshner  $400
1 year access to self-paced public speaking program by Allison Shapira

One year of access to "Speaking with Confidence," an online video program developed by Allison Shapira who is a Harvard faculty member, former opera singer, and the Founder/CEO of Global Public Speaking. This program walks you step-by-step through the essential components of public speaking; it's like having a public speaking expert at your desk to help you prepare for each and every speech, presentation, or important conversation. It includes teaching videos, video FAQ's, and a 35-page "how-to" manual which collects the most important material from Allison's in-person workshops and gives you the strategies and techniques you need to transform your public speaking skills.

You will learn to:

  • Speak with greater confidence and authenticity
  • Use breathing to calm your nerves and strengthen your voice
  • Create an easy and repeatable framework for practice and preparation.

For more information, visit http://www.allisonshapira.com/store

Allison Shapira $300
Publicity Consultation and Press Release
You will receive a consultation with PR/PR Public Relations owner Russell Trahan, author of "Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word," covering your publicity needs, goals, and current efforts.  We will also brainstorm a media hook to be the basis of a press release that will be electronically distributed nation wide to more than 1,400 business editors of daily newspapers. Russell Trahan
 An Italian dinner for four in a basket It will include a bottle of wine, fancy pasta and pasta sauce, bread sticks and Italian cookies in a pretty basket. All the essentials for a great dinner. You provide a salad and fresh bread and you are all set!
Liz Wainger
Coaching is a Hot Business

Dr. Marcia Reynolds is the expert companies call on to spark an evolution in their connections, conversations, and cultures. In the past 30 years, she has spoken in 37 countries and reached over 100K people worldwide. She is the author of 3 books including The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs and is a past global president of the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coach Training

Help focus your speaking/training/coaching business so it sells to a global market. This package includes:

  • 90 minute virtual session on the phone or Skype
  • A copy of my new Speaker Packet
  • A signed copy of one of my 3 published books (your choice).
Marcia Reynolds
Autographed Official baseball, signed by Wayne Messmer

Autographed Official MLB baseball, signed by Wayne Messmer, "The Voice Of Wrigley Field" since 1985. He performed God Bless America and The National Anthem at the 2016 World Series.

Also included is an autographed photo.

Wayne Messmer, Ph.D., CSP$100 

Proceeds go to benefit NSA-DC and NSA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the National Speakers Association and serves to help those members and families of our NSA Community, as well as those in need in our larger global community. It is devoted to upholding the spirit of serving, sharing and supporting embodied by our founder Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE.

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