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BOSS: Back Office Speaker Support Pilot Program

NSA-DC Chapter is offering a pilot program to a very limited number of participants. The Pilot Program is designed to test the concept for a subsequent launch to the full membership. NSA-DC has partnered with an Online Business Specialist company to provide these services.

The pilot program will run until November 2020; however, you may stop before then if you wish.

You will get back-office support that covers:
• Email communications and drip campaigns to your distribution list
• Mailing list updates and revisions
• Social media posts and blog posts
• Personalized branded template design for email campaigns (or you can provide your own)

Additional options are available, including marketing materials creation and project management services.

We have a limited number of slots available per tier as part of this initial pilot. Priority will be given to paid professional members of NSA-DC, on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested? Send an email to John@edwardsgroup.org.     

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