Member Categories

Professional Member:
$120/year (New Members pay a one time $25 administrative fee.)

Speaker Academy Member:
$2050-One time fee.

Bureau/Affiliate Member:
$185/year (New Members pay a one time $25 administrative fee.)

You must first be a member in good standing of the National Speakers Association. Joining NSA requires that you are able to meet any ONE of the three criteria below. You must show that, within the 12 month period immediately prior to your application for membership, you have:

1.   You have received compensation for at least 20 presentations, or

2    You have given at least 20 presentations to audiences of 15 or more as part of a salaried position, or

3.   You have earned a total of at least $25,000 giving presentations (regardless of the number of speaking engagements).

For information about NSA membership, please go to the NSA site, or call 480-968-2552 and ask to speak to someone in Membership Services.

Once you are an NSA member, you are welcome to join our chapter as a Member. Your annual investment in NSA-DC is $120, plus a one-time $25 new-member fee. As a condition of membership you will be asked to agree to abide by NSA-DC Bylaws and the NSA Code of Professional Ethics.

You will then be able to register to attend our monthly meetings at the special member rate. In addition, you will be eligible to attend special chapter programs and activities that are restricted to Members only.

To join us as a Member, click here.


Open to anyone who supplies materials, equipment or services to professional speakers. Must agree to abide by NSA-DC Bylaws and the NSA Code of Professional Ethics. Your annual investment in NSA is $185, plus a one-time $25 new-member fee.

To join as a Bureau/Affiliate, click here.

Participant in NSA-DC’s Chapter Academy

The National Speakers Association offers, through its chapters, a special curriculum designed to accelerate the success of newer professional speakers who have launched or are about to launch their business.

This program includes ten monthly modules that cover the essential elements of operating and growing your speaking enterprise. Each session is delivered by one of our more seasoned, successful chapter members.

In addition to learning a wide range of proven, practical strategies from your Speaker Academy experience you may continue your involvement with the chapter, as a Speaker Academy Graduate. Only after a full 24 months from your date of initial registration must you be able to qualify for membership in the national association.

Your investment in this speaking development opportunity is $2050. It includes the following:

•   Participation in the Speaker Academy

•    Attendance at our ten monthly chapter meetings over the first year

•    Special rates, as a Speaker Academy Graduate, for the second year

•    A total of 24 months of chapter involvement to qualify for NSA Member status

For more details on the Speaker Academy program, click here.

To register for the Speaker Academy program, click here.

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