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    • 12/12/2020
    • 9:00 AM - 11:45 AM (EST)
    • Via Zoom

    Tony Chatman, CSP

     Rock the Virtual Stage

    Saturday, December 12, 2020

    Via Zoom
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    9:00 am - 11:45 am
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    For decades, professional speakers have been known for art of standing in front of a live audience and communicating their message. Many of us have spent years perfecting our crafts knowing that what will often separate us from our competitors is the ability to improve the overall experience of a live event. And then, in an instant, everything changed.

    Meeting planners and event organizers are now looking for speakers who can present virtually. Speakers who can connect with their audiences and deliver their message remotely, with impact. Those speakers whose message resonate in a virtual environment will be the sought-out commodity for years to come. Yet to think that it’s as simple as taking your in-person skills and stepping in front of a camera is a misunderstanding that can lead poverty.

    Trust me on this one, I had to transform quickly, just like you. In March, I (Tony) watched as the world finally responded to Covid-19 and all of my speaking engagements vanished into thin air. After having a few conversations with clients, I started getting booked, but now these were virtual presentations. The very thing I’ve hated and tried to avoid for years. On top of that we were in quarantine and much of the technology I wanted to order was sold out everywhere. I had to figure it out and figure it out fast. From client trainings to the Influence 2020 Mainstage, I had to get it right or suffer a defeat I wasn’t willing to endure. Since Covid-19, every client who’s hired me has requested additional presentation leading to over 30 virtual presentations since the spring.

    In the workshop, I (Tony) will guide you through some strategies and techniques that helped convert my in-person speeches or trainings into affective virtual presentations. Together, we will cover:

    • The differences between in-person and virtual presentations along with strategies to convert your in-person talk to a virtual presentation and make you look like a superstar speaker.
    • Ways to enhance your message through slides and visuals without devolving into death by PowerPoint
    • Simple and inexpensive technology that will make your virtual presentation stand out.
    • Strategies for keeping the audience engaged regardless of the platform being used
    • What I learned to request from each client to ensure that the presentations were a win for both of us.

    About Tony Chatman, CSP
    As is a subject matter expert and recognized thought leader in the area of workplace relationships Tony has devoted his adult life to understanding what makes people tick, how to bring out the best in people (including ourselves), and how to pass this information on in simple, yet practical terms. He helps leaders, team members, and people from every background and diversity adopt empowering mindsets and strategies that allow them to adapt, reinvent, and transform the results they produce both personally and professionally. Whether addressing our hidden biases, helping navigate disruption and change or providing leaders with skills that make them indispensable, Tony provides practical solutions that aligns with people’s real world experiences.

    Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, The Department of Homeland Security, Chase Bank, Estée Lauder, and N.A.S.A., to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better.

    Tony recently completed his first book: The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins and in 2018 he delivered his first TEDx talk – "How to Stop Settling for Less".

    • 01/09/2021
    • 11:05 AM - 2:00 PM (EST)
    • TBA


    Saturday, January 9, 2021

    11:05 AM - 2:00 PM Location: TBA

    Speaker Academy Spotlight Speeches and Graduation

    More details coming soon!

    • 02/26/2021
    • (EST)
    • 02/28/2021
    • (EST)
    • The Westin Buckhead Atlanta, 3391 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30326

    Primary Venue

    The Westin Buckhead Atlanta

    3391 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30326



    We hit the ground running at WINTER WORKSHOP. It’s a no-frills experience designed for professional speakers who are serious about getting the content they need to boost their business. You’ll leave with an incredible business plan, and that means we’ve done our job right.


    Last year, attendees of our 2020 Winter Conference got a limited-run, 86-page playbook exclusive to the event. It was filled with an incredible amount of tactics and strategies to help them grow their sales.


    Brush shoulders with the best of the best in the speaking industry. You’ll get to network with a group of like-minded individuals who understand the highs and lows of running a successful speaking business.


    WINTER WORKSHOP is an annual experience designed for professional speakers who are serious about growing their business. Each year, we focus on a different way to do that – last year, it was sales techniques, and this year, we’ll be focusing on growing your business beyond keynoting.

    Coaching, training, consulting, and other venues are natural extensions of a professional speakers’ skillset, and yet many speakers only focus on one area of their business. Whether you’re just breaking into other areas of speaking, or you’re an expert on the subject, we guarantee you’ll learn tons at WINTER WORKSHOP.


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05/12/2018 The Spirit Of A Champion - Wayne Messmer, M.Ed., Ph.D., CSP
04/27/2018 NSA Brand Lab 2018
04/24/2018 April Walk & Talk NSA - Riverbend Hike
04/14/2018 Professional Relationships Panel: Exploring Your Niche
04/14/2018 Ways to Grow Your Speaking Business in Every Economy - Mary Kelly, CSP
03/10/2018 Are You An Influencer? - Melissa J. Nixon
02/18/2018 Do YOU! - Jessica Pettitt, CSP
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04/08/2017 Passion for the Platform - Gary Rifkin, CSP
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11/12/2016 I Want to See the Jalapeno Coming!: 93 Hot Ways to Get Booked and Get Paid - Laurie Guest, CSP
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09/10/2016 Mastering the Magic of TED: Your Unique and Powerful Message, Ready for TEDx or Any High Stakes Venue -Hayley Foster
09/10/2016 How To Be The Session Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About! - Sarah Michel, CSP
08/13/2016 Credibility Is King & Queen: Is Your Content Google-Proof? - John B. Molidor, Ph.D., CSP
06/11/2016 "Stop Being a Speaker: The Secrets to Getting Paid Insane Amounts of Money, Being Flown to the Most Luxurious Destinations, and Addressing Crowds of Thousands Chanting Your Name!"
05/14/2016 Homegrown Member Panel Answers YOUR Questions and Afternoon Session - Get on TV - Local and National
04/09/2016 Marquesa Pettway, CSP ~ Your Six Figure Signature System: The Money Maker of Your Business
03/12/2016 Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP ~ Selling from the Stage: Public Speaking to Attract High-Value Clients
03/11/2016 Marketing Espionage with Heather Lutze, CSP
03/04/2016 A Night Out with NSA-DC ~ The City of Conversation
01/09/2016 Sam Silverstein ~ No More Excuses...It's Non-Negotiable
12/12/2015 Dan Thurmon ~ Design and Develop Better Keynotes: Compete by Differentiating Yourself
11/14/2015 FunnierU: Isn't it Time for a Funnier U?
11/13/2015 Speaker Exchange 2015: With Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
10/10/2015 Chapter Academy Spotlight Speeches
10/10/2015 Jean DiGiovanna - Double Your Bookings: Get More Business Beyond the Stage with Dynamic & Engaging Workshops
10/02/2015 TriVision Studio Time - SOLD OUT!
09/30/2015 Business Builders Special Interest Group Networking Event
09/12/2015 Ford Saeks, CSP - Growing Your Speaking Empire: Get More Bookings, Sell More Products and Services
08/08/2015 Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP - Creating Systems to Put You Center Stage
06/13/2015 Get Them Hooked to Get You Booked: The No-Brainer Approach to Exciting the Brains in Your Audience
05/09/2015 Homegrown Member Panel Answers YOUR Questions Plus Knockout Networking Rounds
04/11/2015 Afternoon Session: Patricia Fripp-Under the Magnifying Glass...in Action!
04/11/2015 Morning Session: Patricia Fripp-Under the Magnifying Glass: Good to Great on STEROIDS!
03/20/2015 Alan Weiss: Million Dollar Mindset
03/14/2015 March Monthly Meeting with Roger Courville: Quit Calling them Webinars
02/25/2015 Business Builders Special Interest Group Networking Event
02/09/2015 Fireside Chat: So You Want to Write a Book
01/10/2015 Neen James: Go Deeper with Neen James
01/10/2015 Neen James: Sell Your Thoughts
12/13/2014 Mikki Williams: The Art and Heart of Storytelling
11/08/2014 2014 Chapter Academy Spotlight
11/08/2014 Lethia Owens-Magnetic Selling Strategies
10/23/2014 Fireside Chat: Working with Video Companies
10/11/2014 Chris Clarke-Epstein-Write to be read.
10/11/2014 Chris Clarke-Epstein- Proving Our Worth. Understand your Return on Attendance.
10/10/2014 SPEX'14
09/13/2014 Steve Gilliland-Marketing 4.0
08/21/2014 Bethesda Meetup
08/19/2014 Annapolis Meetup
08/09/2014 Shep Hyken - Success Tools For The Speaking Business
06/14/2014 Corbin Ball - Mobile and Social Trends for Events
05/10/2014 Ed Rigsbee - Positioning Strategy Workshop for Selling to Trade Associations
05/10/2014 Ed Rigsbee - How to Get Paid Association Bookings
04/12/2014 Mark LeBlanc - Growing Your Business When You Are The Business
03/08/2014 Ed Tate - Afternoon BONUS Program – Interactive Keynotes for Speakers
03/08/2014 Ed Tate - Guerrilla Marketing – The New Standard for Results
02/19/2014 Special Fireside Chat for NSA Members Only
01/11/2014 Toni Newman - Catalyst For Touchpoint Innovation
12/14/2013 Bill Cates - Think Niche! Grow Rich!
11/09/2013 Bruce Hale - Supercharge your story telling!
10/12/2013 Janet Lapp - Transform Your Speaking Career!
08/10/2013 Ron Karr- How To Turn A Speech Into A Six-Figure Relationship!
06/08/2013 Joe Calhoon- Business Growth Made Simpe: 7 Keys to Exceptional Results
05/22/2013 Fireside Chat - Member Only Special Event!
05/11/2013 Lois Creamer - Get the results you're looking for in your speaking business...
04/13/2013 NSA-DC Speaker's University Presents: "Powerful Speaking for Impact and Profit"
03/09/2013 HEATHER LUTZE - Draw Customers to Your Website – When They Are Ready To Buy!
12/08/2012 Judy Carter’s Standup Comedy Workshop
12/08/2012 Judy Carter - Walk In Serious, Walk Out Seriously Funny!
11/10/2012 TODD COHEN - : Everyone’s In Sales; Building your Sales Culture to get MORE Bookings, Revenue and Referrals
11/09/2012 Bruce Hale - Super-Charge Your Story Telling
10/13/2012 ALEX CARROLL
09/08/2012 Dianna Booher
08/11/2012 Ron Culberson - NSA President’s meeting
06/09/2012 Thomas J. Winninger CSP, CPAE
06/09/2012 Fireside Chat with Joanne Dennison
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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